Dress Rehearsal Review: Want a Clue about this weekend’s performance?


photo by Chad Mitchell Photography

Wadsworth, played by senior Hallie Gates, opens a confidential folder. The clear masks were chosen so the audience could see the actor’s facial expressions.

After over a year of waiting, due to COVID-19, the Meridian Drama Club is finally able to perform. Over the past few months, they have prepared for their performance of Clue. The production will be shown on Saturday, May 15, at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 16, at 4:00 p.m., right after the Academic Awards ceremony. The directors of the show are Christina Wherley and Sheila Moore. 

Clue is a play centered around the famous board game. The game is brought to life by the characters, set, and little details throughout. Colonel Mustard, played by sophomore Link Honeysett, brings out the board game to use as a map at one point that hints to the game, which I found really clever. 

In the beginning, rain and thunder can be heard, but as we move on it’s pretty quiet. I felt that some scenes would have been better with background noise so that it’s not awkwardly silent. Along with the silence, some people were much louder and easier to understand while talking than others. 

There were a few instances of lighting and sound miscommunications between the crew and cast, but the actors themselves were very good. The cast seems to work together perfectly. 

Junior Jonah Brue and freshman Camryn Brown collide, crash, then accidentally shoot the gun. The two practiced this scene a lot, so they could perfect it. (photo by Chad Mitchell Photography)

Senior Hallie Gates, as Wadsworth, impresses me greatly with her skill to keep up with everything. Towards the end of the play, there’s a scene where she’s constantly running around and talking at the same time. She never falters or slips once. 

One thing I found interesting, was that when a scene needed to change, the cast would walk around the auditorium as if it was the mansion. We couldn’t see the stage crew or the cast during this, but we heard the cast still having a short conversation; it was a funny, yet nice break from the mystery of the story and kept the audience entertained.

I didn’t have any qualms about the play, but it was very shocking to see just how well these characters fit the actors. Mrs. White, Miss Scarlett, and Mr. Green (junior Madison Sapp, senior Zoey Hayes, and junior Keagan Kantor) were the ones who stuck out to me the most during this performance. The whole cast in general seems so comfortable together and helps the audience stay focused because they flow so easily with each other. 

Overall, I loved this play. It has a great storyline and jokes, that might go over young one’s heads, and never lost my attention. Even though there were some technical difficulties, I believe that all will go swimmingly for the shows this weekend. I have no doubts that the audience will love the performance. 

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The virtual playbill is here.