Spanish classes at Meridian host Wooly Week


photo by Ellie Fitzpatrick

Junior Robbie Sheumaker works on his Wooly Week puzzle. Sheumaker’s favorite part of Wooly Week were the doughnuts brought in on the last day.

On March 22 through 26 the Spanish classes at Meridian had their second annual Wooly Week. This year’s Wooly Week looked a little different compared to past years due to COVID-19 because the class couldn’t do as many hands-on activities.

Señor Wooly is a website that allows students to take a unique approach to learn Spanish through songs combined with multiple activities. On a typical Wooly Week, a new music video is made to be released for that week along with lesson plans.

Bess Dotterweich is the Spanish teacher at Meridian and teaches Spanish I all the way up to Spanish IV. Dotterweich introduced Señor Wooly.

“My favorite part of Wooly Week is watching the students get so involved. Students hear the song so much that they have it memorized and really get into it. Each day has different activities and the students never know what to expect. I like watching the student’s facial expressions when we watch the video for the first time together,” Dotterweich said. “It is new material for everyone and it is fun to see how students react. If you are familiar with Señor Wooly then you know that the videos are always attention grabbers, so it is fun to watch students react the first time they watch it.”

Junior, Jonah Brue is a Spanish III student and his favorite Wooly song is “Diego y Sus Amigos,” a song about a group of sailors. Brue’s favorite Wooly activity was the Quizlet Live which included key vocabulary words from El Banco.

“My favorite part of Wooly Week was probably being able to get up and do activities around the class instead of doing the same old assignments we do every other week,” Brue said. “Not having homework was an improvement as well.”

Junior, Devynn Egbert is a Spanish III student as well. Egbert’s favorite Wooly song is “Pan,” a song about a group of kids who just want to eat bread. Egbert always looks forward to when the class does new Wooly songs.

“I prefer the wooly activities because the normal activities can get a little on my nerves and don’t make me want to learn Spanish while with the wooly activities you get a song and fun activities to do,” Egbert said.