Busy bees of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship work load picks up during Homecoming


photo by Victoria Muller

Alyssa Anglin makes a shirt for the 5th birthday of a little boy in Entrepreneurship. She is printing a pattern on a shirt with this compressing machine.

The pandemic impacted everyone in one way or another, businesses and school life included. Mrs. Campbell’s Entrepreneurship class has been affected as well.

“We were not really busy for the first half of the school year. We didn’t have Homecoming like we normally would have, there was no sport going on and normally, those are customers for t-shirts,” Tricia Campbell said.

“It was difficult to actually learn things because we weren’t getting a ton of orders because of COVID,” senior, Arwen Baker said.

Mrs. Campbell had to change the way of teaching her class because the school went to be remote during the school year.

“We had to make up orders, making free t-shirts for teachers to get the kids to practice,” Campbell said.

Fortunately, with the school events that went to be held recently, this class had a positive change.

“We have been very busy. Homecoming week was stressful for them because they weren’t used to make this many shirts. In the past, homecoming week was stressful in September and after that, everything seemed easy,” Campbell said. “These kids were overwhelmed because they never had that kind of experience before.”

This year has been unique and even demotivating sometimes.

“It’s really hard to get back in the groove,” senior, Alyssa Anglin said.

Despite the difficulties and frustration, the students stay positive and realize how much they have learned this year.

“We learn how to run a business, and we did that by running a t-shirt printing business,” Campbell said.

Thanks to students’ efforts, Mrs. Campbell and orders made because of Homecoming, Track, etc., “Entrepreneurship made more than 500 shirts” according to junior Drew Hurelbrink.

“What I learned from the difficulties that we had to go through, without having orders, […],” Baker said. “There are ups and downs to having a business and you can’t really predict them. Things can happen and that can entirely change how your business runs.”