Bittersweet end of scholastic bowl season


photo by Dave McCleary

Varsity scholastic bowl team at their last match of the season. The team ate McDonald’s and Hardees to commemorate the end of the season.

On March 8, the scholastic bowl team traveled to Shelbyville for regionals. The team played against Pana in the first round and unfortunately lost, 240-340, which meant the end to their season.

Jonah Brue, a junior, is on the varsity scholastic bowl team. Brue has done scholastic bowl since he was a freshman and hopes to have a more normal season next year. He has enjoyed time spent with the team.

“We lost our first game which was a little disappointing however we had fun and went to eat McDonald’s and Hardees after which was very fun,” Brue said. “The inside was closed so we actually got our food and sat on the ground in the parking grass to eat.”

Evan Kershner is the varsity scholastic bowl coach. Kershner was proud that the team has done better against competitors who normally beat them. He was also impressed by the individuals’ growth on the team.

“Overall, just the demeanor of the kids was great, we don’t have any sore losers on the team. The team is there to have fun and they enjoy the sport, they get to put their brain to the test and go up against other schools,” Kershner said.

Hallie Gates, a senior, has participated in scholastic bowl since her freshman year. Gates’ strong suit is computational math questions.

“I know it’s cliché but honestly as much as I love scholastic bowl, it’s my teammates that make it fun. I love our bus ride banter and just about every bus ride home is memorable,” Gates said.

Gates graduates this year so regionals were not only the end of the season but also the end of her scholastic bowl career. Gates only wishes she had more time to make memories with her team.

“I’m going to miss hearing everyone groan about math questions, getting annoyed with Keagan when he yells ‘OHHH’ as loud as possible after getting a question wrong, and I’m definitely going to miss the feeling of a tied match going into sudden death,” Gates said. “We came so close to beating some of our biggest competitors this year and I have hope next year’s team will make it happen.”