Meridian High School 2020 yearbook gets national third place award


photo by Tony Capps

Last year’s yearbook staff poses for a photo with their third place award. “I like to think we had a lot of fun last year even when times were rough,” senior Hallie Gates said.

On February 17, 2021, the Meridian Yearbook staff was presented with the third place Legacy Award. The Legacy Award is a national award where middle schools and high schools send their yearbooks to Interstate Studios to be judged.

“I think this is our fourth year in a row we’ve made it in the top three in the nation,” fifteen-year yearbook advisor Sheila Moore said, “the first year we got it, we got second place, and then we’ve gotten three third places in a row.”

In this competition, the higher you place, the more money you get for your program. This year Meridian was awarded $150 for their program.

“If I’m being honest [I’m] frustrated,” Moore said, “each year I feel like we’re going to get better than third place, we’ve been trying for first place for four years now and don’t know what we’re doing wrong but we’ll keep trying.”

Senior Robert Le Cates, yearbook layout editor, felt proud of his fellow yearbook staff and of himself.

“I can’t complain about third place in the nation, can’t complain at all,” Le Cates said, “It’s astounding to me that we even placed nationally.”

An overview of Meridian’s success in the Interstate Studios Legacy Competition. The first year they submitted a book, they won second place. (photo by Emery Johnson )

Others on the yearbook staff felt the same way.

“It made me very proud of all the hard work we all put in. I mean Hallie and I spent a whole weekend, basically sleepless, in Texas working on the theme and everyone else had many sleepless nights after that working on everything and making it perfect,” junior Madison Sapp said.

Last year’s yearbook editor, senior Hallie Gates, was excited to have her and the staff’s hard work appreciated but agreed it would have been nice to win first place.

“It was really exciting to win an award, especially knowing how much effort we put into the book,” Gates said, “Of course we’re always shooting for first.”