Meridian holds second annual FFA Week


photo by Breanna Evans

Meridian Macon FFA holds second annual National FFA week. Friday was drive your tractor to school day.

Milk drips down Jacob Hutton’s face, hay bails fly through the air, Mrs. Campbell wears hay all over her skirt… memories from last year’s FFA week.

Have you ever wondered what FFA week was for or about? FFA week is to show the school what FFA and agriculture are about. It also gives members the chance to be recognized for what they do. This year’s FFA week is February 22 through February 26.

“During the week we use fun activities to engage everyone in the school and community to help spread awareness,” secretary, Hailey Thompson said.

The dress-up days are:

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Hat Day – wear your hat or a funny hat

Wednesday: Remote Day – no dress-up

Thursday: Sports Day – show off your favorite sport or sports team

Friday: FFA Day – wear an FFA shirt if you have one or you can wear blue because blue is one of the official colors of FFA

Along with these dress-up days, FFA members have planned fun activities throughout the week.

“We have a duck hunt planned for every day as well as a corn guessing jar. We will serve ice cream at lunch on that Friday, and also have fun activities in PE on that Thursday,” treasurer, Austin Clark said.

For the duck hunt activity, each day a duck will be hidden around the school, and the first person to find it and get it to Mr. Brockett gets a prize. The corn jar will be out during lunchtime and you will be given the chance to guess how many corn kernels are in the jar, the closest to the actual amount will win a prize. On Friday during lunch, you will be served ice cream by FFA members.

“New this year we are also adding the corn bucket curls,” Thompson said. “Another new activity we are adding this year is ag facts trivia! On Monday a Google Form will be sent out with trivia questions and the winner will get a prize.”

While these things are all activities the whole school can participate in, there are a few things going on that are member-only activities. These activities include an FFA meeting on Wednesday, Drive Your Tractor to School Day on Friday, and some officers will participate in interviews on radio shows in the mornings.

“I am definitely looking forward to Drive Your Tractor to School day,” advisor Jerry Brockett said.

Keep an eye out on our social media for photos of students on the dress-up days.