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March 24, 2022

photo by Ellie Fitzpatrick

Christina Wherley views the Clue website on her computer. Wherley was involved in fall and spring productions throughout her high school career, but this is her first year directing.

Meridian’s drama program resumes with IHSA’s lift on sports. Sheila Moore and Christina Wherley will co-direct this year’s production of Clue: High School Edition.

The initial plan for drama was to put on the musical We Will Rock You, but because of the regulations on musicals due to COVID-19, the drama club had to switch gears and find a play to do instead. Part of the appeal of Clue was that the script company allowed the production to be live-streamed so friends and family can still watch the final product with capacity restrictions still in place.

“So one of the big factors was making sure that it was something that she [Wherley] wanted to do as well,” Moore said. “I didn’t really care one way or the other, and I know several students had mentioned they wanted to do that. Since I didn’t really care, I asked her if she thought that was okay and she loved the idea.”

Contrary to many past shows done at Meridian, Clue has a fairly small selection of characters which brings the possibility of two casts. Moore was fine with the idea of a smaller cast due to the fact that she suspects drama may lose a significant amount of members to sports and jobs with everyone stretched so thin.

“We put out a survey to all Meridian High School students for interest, in that Google Form, it announces the show. We are getting scripts so that we can get those out for auditions and hoping to start auditions next week,” Wherley said.

Laney Jones, a junior, is the stage director for this production, she will work directly with Moore and Wherley to help in different aspects of the show. Jones is very excited about this particular production because she believes it will play to the strengths of the actors involved in the drama program.

“I knew pretty early in the year that a musical was probably not going to be possible and I was really unsure whether we would be able to have a show at all,” Jones said. “I am just really excited that all of the talented drama people at Meridian will get the chance to put on a great show this year.”

This show will be Wherley’s first time as a director. She is most excited to see how students see themselves and prepare themselves for the roles.

“With the pandemic, everything is so subject to change and uncertain and so that’s my main concern,” said Wherley. “I don’t have concerns about student dedication or things like that, I’m most concerned about us wearing masks and staying six feet apart and how we can have family members come and watch the show.”