Students talk about their favorite comfort movies


photo by Haley Grimes

Cartoon designed by Haley Grimes. Movies are always best enjoyed with a favorite snack. A popular movie snack for many is popcorn.

Movie-lovers and occasional television watchers both seem to have a “comfort movie” they watch to feel better or just because they genuinely enjoy it every time.

Laura Love, a freshman, says that her comfort movie is Titanic. Titanic is based on a real-life ship that sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, it follows a love story between Jack and Rose. Love’s favorite part of Titanic is when Jack and Rose ran from her fiance’s guard. Love typically watches Titanic twice a month.

“It’s such a classic, I love how they made a love story out of such a horrible event,” Love said.

Kolbee Grider, a junior, says his comfort movie is Shrek. Shrek is about an ogre who is perfectly content to live alone in the swamp until a swarm of fairy tale characters are banished by Lord Farquaad. Shrek must rescue Princess Fiona, appease Lord Farquaad, and reclaim his swamp. Grider’s favorite part of Shrek is when Donkey and Shrek try to save Princess Fiona from the tower. Grider watches Shrek at least once a year.

“It’s a movie I watched a lot with my family as a little kid and even as an older kid, I still like it. It brings back good memories from when I was little,” Grider said.

Kaylin Moreland, a sophomore, says her comfort movie is Divergent. Divergent centers around a futuristic society where it is divided into five major factions. Moreland’s favorite part of the movie is an action scene where the main character proves she’s tougher than she seems.

“I like the movie so much because even when she’s faced with so many challenges, she achieves them through determination and I just love action movies,” Moreland said.

You can watch the movie trailers below and feel free to let us know your favorite comfort movie in the comments.