Students’ thoughts on return to blended learning plan


photo by Ellie Fitzpatrick

The school parking lot sits full for the first time since last November.

On January 19, Meridian will return to its initial blended learning plan where students are given the opportunity to choose which route they wish to take whether that be remote or in-person.

Kimberly Love, a junior, chose the remote option for the first semester but plans to return to finish out the second semester in-person. Love is worried about potential school shut-downs and getting quarantined due to a large number of people at school. However, Love remains very excited to see her classmates and peers.

“I’ll miss how I had my own schedule and how well it worked for me to make my own decisions,” Love said.

Asia Rosenberger, a freshman, chose the remote option for the first semester and plans to stick with it throughout the remainder of the school year. Rosenberger has preferred online learning since before she ever moved to Meridian. While she misses the fun she had in school, Rosenberger ultimately enjoys her remote learning path more.

“My favorite part of being remote is that I can be productive and be on my own schedule and not feel cramped in my homework time,” Rosenberger said.

Teagan Egbert, a freshman, has been in-person all year besides the portion when the entire school went fully remote. Even though Egbert chose the in-person option, he actually prefers remote learning.

“I will miss getting off of school early, having more time for homework, and the extended lunch break,” Egbert said.

Jonah Brue, a junior, started his school year remote but quickly found that it simply did not work for him. Brue switched to in-person halfway through the first semester and thoroughly enjoyed his time in school before the fully remote period.

“I prefer in-person learning for the fact that I can talk to my friends and peers, along with just learning and understanding more,” Brue said. “My grades suffer when I do online learning and it’s just better for me to attend class.”