Meeting for meaning


photo by Zoey Hayes

Visual depicting the duties of Student Council.

The 2020-2021 school year is definitely lacking in normalcy. No more sports, clubs, activities or traditions. 

“My favorite Meridian tradition is definitely the bonfire we have during the Powder Puff games,” Meridian senior Arwen Baker said. “It seems to really bring the students and coaches together, and it’s always a lot of typical high school fun.”

Student council members and their supervisor, Phil Stielow, met over Zoom this week to try and find activities to replace this hole in the school year. For some students, this hole is messing with their lives.

“It definitely makes me sad that there aren’t any school activities or sports, but somehow it’s also sort of nice,” Baker said. “Having to juggle school being online, along with the pandemic as a whole, is already super stressful.”

There are a lot of ideas and opinions to consider but what we do know is that the drive of our student council is important in these moments of confusion. As COVID-19 continues to mix up the 2020-2021 school year, students and staff can report to Student Council if they have any ideas on dress-up days or socially distanced school activities.