Mr. Hurelbrink wins IJEA Administrator of the Year


photo by Zoey Hayes with screenshot from Ag Speech Video.

Mr. Hurelbrink is displayed in a graphic that describes what qualities he must have to become Administrator of the Year.

Every year, an administrator is chosen by the Illinois Journalism Education Association. This administrator is chosen by these qualities:

  • Actively supported advisers and journalism teachers
  • Actively supported opportunities for interaction with students, staff, advisers, and teachers
  • Cultivated and maintained positive working relations with student staffs, advisers, and teachers
  • Fostered an awareness of educational and career opportunities in journalism and media
  • Recognized outstanding performance in an outstanding support for scholastic media

English teacher and journalism adviser, Mrs. Moore, saw these qualities in Mr. Hurelbrink and nominated him for the spot.

“I nominated Mr. Hurelbrink because he has been open to the growth of our journalism program,” Moore said.

Mr. Hurelbrink works closely with the yearbook and journalism team. He has cultivated and maintained those relationships for years but it wasn’t until one specific situation that Mrs. Moore decided to nominate him.

“I had not been thinking about nominating him, but then we had an encounter over the last yearbook that opened my eyes to how much of a partner I had in him,” Moore said. “He is the type to look out for his staff–he genuinely cares.”

As our journalism program grows, it is essential to have supporters. These supporters lift the program up and keep it running. Moore sees this quality in Hurelbrink.

“Mr. Hurelbrink has been a cheerleader for our program. He has allowed us to sell business advertising during the school day, cover events on a local and state level, and even allowed us the opportunity to design and move forward with the digital trophy case and wall in the Great Hall,” Moore said.

Even though Mr. Hurelbrink is a good supporter, not everyone can agree and get behind the same things. This is why he makes compromises.

“He may not always agree with our decisions, but he works to find common ground. That is ultimately why I nominated him,” Moore said. “He is able to give our journalism program room to grow, and he trusts us to know how to follow the best journalistic practices.”

Mr. Hurelbrink has done a lot for the journalism program and everyone included is grateful for his help. Not only has he helped the journalism program, but every program that needs a cheerleader.

“I believe it has been a win-win for the school,” Moore said.