Quill and Scroll chapter comes to Meridian


photo by Emery Johnson

Several Quill and Scroll items are displayed, including the cord Le Cates will wear at graduation.

Formed on April 10, 1926, the Quill and Scroll exist to improve school publications, as stated in the chapter manual. A Quill and Scroll chapter is now at Meridian High School, leaving District 15 News adviser, Sheila Moore, and Meridian senior Robert Le Cates and Meridian Daily editor-in-chief, excited.

“Really it’s another opportunity for us to have more chances at training and competitions, the best way I can explain it is… its kind of like a National Honors Society (NHS) for journalists,” Moore said.

To become a member, one must be a junior, senior, or a sophomore in their last grading period. They must be in the upper third of their class in scholastic standing, contributed superior work in journalism or school media, they must be recommended by the publications adviser or the committee governing the publication, and they should also be approved by the executive director of the Society.

“The whole Quill and Scroll thing is a little bit interesting because I’m still learning a lot about it myself,” Moore said.

Le Cates is the first inaugural member of this new program. It is up to the chapter to decide how to initiate new members with many suggestions in the handbook.

“Mrs. Moore nominated me and also signed up for the charter, apparently she thought I did something impactful,” Le Cates said. “At first I didn’t really know what I did because, I mean, for all my work I try to make it my best yet. I try my hardest on everything.”

Le Cates is excited about how this will look on college applications.

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to EIU (Eastern Illinois University) for English teaching and a minor in journalism,” Le Cates said. “I want to teach journalism, English, and maybe yearbook like Mrs. Moore does.”

At graduation, Le Cates will wear a blue and yellow cord. These cords are a way to recognize those who have met the basic Quill and Scroll membership requirements and been inducted.