Expect the unexpected with Zoey Hayes


photo by Sandra Hayes-Burt

Zoey Hayes at the Boo Crew haunted house in Mechanicsburg, IL. Hayes loves to go to haunted houses with friends and family.

Hello Kitty, horror movies, roller skating, true-crime, and art. Zoey Hayes is a diverse individual with a vast array of hobbies and interests. From haunted houses to video games, Hayes’ uniqueness and individuality make her one-of-a-kind.

Haylee Wilson is a junior at Meridian High School and one of Hayes’ closest friends. The two became friends in middle school while they were both cheerleading. Since then, they have been very close and have made a lot of memories together. One of Wilson’s favorite memories with Hayes is running over a curb at McDonald’s or going to three haunted houses in one night.

“Zoey is a very enthusiastic and hardworking person and I think that she has a very unique way of thinking that brings out her personality,” Wilson said.

One of Hayes’ favorite hobbies is painting and doing chalk pastels. Her dad is a tattoo artist and she believes that her interest in drawing comes from him. Hayes currently uses acrylic paints but wants to learn oil painting so she can do more surrealist art.

“I took art in middle school, but I don’t really like people telling me what to draw so I kind of just quit. Learning the aspects of art is pretty fun and then being allowed to be creative. When it comes to being creative, you should create yourself,” Hayes said. “I do a lot of things for other people though, right now, I’m drawing and painting a Legend of Zelda for someone, so I guess most of my art relates most to media references or video games and that stuff. I think it’s just really fun to paint or take your own spin on something that has already been painted.”

Hayes enjoys watching scary movies and going to haunted houses. She travels sometimes hours away to find a good haunted house. Her favorite horror movie is the Halloween franchise and her more modern favorites are the Sinister movies.

“One of my favorite memories with watching scary movies is when I was little, I used to go over to my dad’s house and I was like five, and we would watch Saw until we just fell asleep and took a nap on the couch,” Hayes said.

Hayes is part of the criminal justice program, she enjoys true crime and has future plans to continue on her education and training to become a homicide detective.

“My biggest personality trait is loving true crime, but I’m pretty sure I talk about it so much to the point where everyone knows about it,” Hayes said.

Hayes also loves to roller skate and is a Hello Kitty enthusiast. While she does not roller skate competitively, she was taught by someone who did. Her aunt taught her when she was very little and she was part of an actual roller derby team.

Hayes’ favorite thing about herself is that she thinks that most people wouldn’t expect somebody who wants to be a homicide detective and at one point wanted to be a mortician to love Hello Kitty and have a room that looks like “a seven-year-old threw up in it.”

“I like the fact that you can look at me and think I act one way then I act completely different another way, keeping everyone on their toes,” Hayes said.