Yearbook seeks help from MHS community


photo by Sheila Moore

The Meridian Moments yearbook staff has a virtual meeting on Zoom. The staff figured out what is in the best interest of the book.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some things still have to move forward. Some people still have to work, go grocery shopping, and for the Meridian Moments yearbook staff, their book still has to get done for the distribution to students in August.

While Illinois schools have been disbanded until at least April 8, this time is valuable to the yearbook staff.

“This time is important to the yearbook, not just for our staff but for many, we wrap up most of the book around this time,” staffer Robert LeCates said.

The whole year is important but spring brings in large amounts of work and coverage.

“This time of year contributes many sporting events, as well as prom and many group activities. This is also the time that a yearbook staff rallies together to finish something they have been working on together all year,”  former Editor-in-Chief Sydney Moore said. “This is a crucial time for those trying to finish such a big project.”

While nobody is sure about how the rest of this year will play out, you end up just having to take it day by day.

“We [yearbook staff] aren’t sure if spring sports will be a thing or not. If not, we will have to provide additional coverage somehow,” Le Cates said.

Just weeks before the school closure, the yearbook staff met with their Level Up prize Mike Taylor. His training has been pivotal in keeping the staff focused. Some yearbook staff members have also started listening to podcasts and watching webinars to stay knowledgeable about how to cover the school year in this historical time.

“I feel we are in a great position. Our student body should not worry about how we will get them included, as I feel we’ve been preparing this staff to tackle impossible goals,” yearbook adviser Sheila Moore said. “We went to Dallas, we’ve won the Level Up competition (which allowed us to get training from national leaders in design), we’re continuing to meet virtually, make phone calls to students, anything that needs to be done. We are even enrolling in webinars specifically about how to cover students during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“We feel prepared, and we will not let our customers down.””

— Sheila Moore

The staff continues to work, tirelessly on the book, but in an attempt to get all students covered, they’ve created a Google Form. It is 100 questions, some requiring text, some for uploading photos. The ultimate goal is to add community photos and thoughts to those the staff collected prior to the required time at home. This form is open to students, parents, faculty, coaches, and it does not have to be completed all at once. You should feel free to submit what answers you know now, then come back as often as you’d like to update your responses. 

If you’ve not ordered a yearbook yet, you will want to have this piece of history to share with future family members. Order your book at