Meridian Moments yearbook wins national legacy award


photo by Tony Capps

Meridian Moments accepts national legacy award presented and put on by Interstate Studios.

The auditorium was nearly empty. The principal was there, quietly showing his support from the back row. On January 30, 2020, the yearbook staff accepted the 2020 legacy award for their 2019 book, placing third in the nation.

Meridian Moments’ yearbook staff was presented with the Interstate Studios Legacy Award for their work on the 25th-anniversary book, 525,600 Meridian Moments. Even with the rising number of books entered into the annual competition, Meridian still pulled out a third-place win and was presented with a plaque and check.

“One of the biggest contributors to that program [Meridian Publications] is first off the number of kids who are involved. I think Mrs. Moore does a great job in terms of running that program from top to bottom,” said Eric Hurelbrink, principal. “The recruitment of kids into the program, the organization of kids, putting kids into various different roles where she feels that their strengths lie, it makes a big difference, but I think probably the biggest factor that contributes to this success is the commitment level of the kids involved.”

The competition for the award seems to get tougher as the competition grows each year. The process all goes through Interstate Studios.

“Once they get their yearbooks together and they are ready to print, they are submitted to Interstate Studio for a competition for the yearbook itself,” said Tony Capps, Interstate Studios photographer. “The process of going through it, Interstate looks at design layout, they look at the quality of pictures, they look at covers, things like that.”

The yearbook staff has placed for this award for the past three years.  This year’s staff hopes to continue the streak and keeps hold of the past editor’s advice.

“My advice for the 2020 yearbook staff is to not let anything scare you. Design principles, big ideas that you have, stories that you want to capture–just don’t let any of it scare you… last year’s book scared me, and I think that book was one of the best ideas that really could come out of our anniversary book,” said Sydney Moore, former editor-in-chief. “Anytime you have a big idea, just try to expand on it and talk through it with someone, don’t let it scare you and just keep it inside because it could possibly be a game-changer.”