Entrepreneurship bag sale


Haley Grimes

Meridian Entrepreneurship student presses design into shirt. The Entrepreneurship class recently offered an opportunity to fill a bag with products for either $25 or $35.

On Jan. 30, 2020, Meridian’s Entrepreneurship class had its first of three Bag Sales. The sale took place at the Meridian Middle School volleyball game.

“When we have extras of shirts or transfers, it cuts into our profit,” said Tricia Campbell, the Entrepreneurship teacher. “This has helped us recover some of those losses.”

The group filled three racks of clothes, and a table of onesies, headbands, blankets, and shorts. Within half an hour they were stripped clean. For a plastic bag, they charged $25, and for a drawstring bag, they charged $35. The idea is to take the bag and fill it with as much as you can, and as long as it can tie closed, you get it all for the price of the bag.

“We had a lot of inventory just sitting in our room, so Mrs. Campbell had the idea to do a ‘Bag Sale’ to get rid of our massive inventory,” said Robert Le Cates, junior. “We pressed tons of shirts with anything Meridian related to something a mother in her 40’s would wear, saying anything like ‘My blood type is coffee,’ or ‘Just a small-town Illinois girl.'”

The class’s goal is to raise enough money to buy a new printer. In the first 30 minutes, they raised $700.

“We now have very little inventory left, but we’re looking at our stock of blank shirts to see what we can produce,” said Campbell. “We’re…offering shamrock shirts for St. Patrick’s day, so hopefully those are popular.”

Entrepreneurship will hold another bag sale on February 11, at the high school boys basketball game, and plan to offer Warrensburg-Latham attire as well. They do not plan on doing anymore bag sales in the future.

“Our first sale was such a success that I don’t think our others will live up to it,” said Le Cates. “I had fun, but I hope we don’t have this much stock again.”