Let them eat cake: Meisenhelter twins spend 1,000 on cake


Haley Grimes

Winners Lucas Clapp, Graham Meisenhelter, Grant Meisenhelter, and Drew Hurelbrink. Bid and paid $1,000 for cake made by Shane Smith.

On Friday, January 10, Meridian Boys Basketball had its annual Pack the Place. In conjunction, the Cakes for the Cure was held, an auction of cakes made by the seniors of Meridian and Central A&M teams. The money from the auction goes to support finding a cure for cancer.

Last year’s Cake for the Cure event profited $6,515. This year, $7,618.50 was raised.

Before the Varsity game, seniors from both schools lined up outside the gym doors holding their cakes, ready to auction them off. Jeff Foulks, owner of Foulks Auction in Blue Mound, expertly auctioned off each cake to willing buyers from both schools. Cakes auctioned for hundreds of dollars, all unique in their flavors and looks.

Graham and Grant Meisenhelter, players for Meridian, were among the buyers.

“Our dad just came home and told us that his boss would buy a cake for the cause, so he just told us to bid on it,” said Grant Meisenhelter.

The two boys, along with some help from their teammates Drew Hurelbrink and Lucas Clapp, went toe to toe with another bidder up to 800 dollars, until the boys told Foulks they wanted to bid 1000.

“I jumped in with Grant because I thought it was a great idea to help out for the cause,” said Hurelbrink. “It was cool bidding against the other people because I knew we were going to win.”

The cake they bid on was made by Shane Smith, another Meridian player.

“I made confetti cake because it tastes good,” said Smith.

The twins had decided beforehand they would bid on Smith’s cake. When asked about the cake, the twins agreed it was good, but not 1000 dollars good.

“[We] felt good after buying it…it made Jimmy [Shane Smith] pretty happy,” said Graham Meisenhelter. “Our coach is happy we bought it from him, and our parents were too.”