This is not Meridian


photo by Robert Le Cates

This December, the Meridian High school office has been the hub of discipline activity due to the actions of a group of students.

by Staff Editorial

On Dec. 4, an anonymous Instagram account was made which featured hate symbols, students in compromising positions and rumors about students/teachers.

This December at Meridian has already consisted of social media troll accounts, like the one above, fights between students and the impending cell phone ban decision.

When news spread of these anonymous troll accounts, many Meridian alumni and adults from the community made negative comments about Meridian and its students. Tensions have been high at the school since these accounts and fights started, many students being ashamed of the actions of their peers.

We, the journalists at Meridian, want to make it known these unfortunate acts were done by only a select group of people. These actions in no way, shape or form represent the majority of the students in our district. Not every student at Meridian supports this behavior. In fact, many of us were angered, disgusted, and simply disappointed that someone from our school could be behind such a terrible account. Many students defended those who had been targeted and reported the account to Instagram and Mr. Hurelbrink the next day.

Students here want to feel safe in the building and not paranoid that someone is taking our picture to use against us. Concerns like this have been heard throughout the building by students and staff alike. It’s scary that people we know could be behind this and we could’ve been the victim of these trolls.

These events will be remembered for years to come by those who were affected, however, we believe the support from students and community will be what actually leaves a lasting impression.

To the community, we say this…

We are passionate, not emotional. We are supportive, not combative. We are team-spirited, not mean-spirited. We are loyal, not fake. We are honest, not liars. We are determined, not weak-willed. We are united, not divided. We are Meridian.