Wall of Accomplishments


photo by Gabby Bingaman

The Wall of Accomplishments is a place to recognize our teams who are able to do well in their season.

by Gabby Bingaman, Executive Producer

A few years ago, the Meridian Publications’ staff took on a project to create a wall of accomplishments in the Great Hall of Meridian High School. This wall includes glass plaques that features teams who have done well in their seasons.

A team (not an individual) must place at a Regional title or higher to make the wall. This wall features every team who has met the standards since the two schools (Blue Mound Knights and Macon Ironman) consolidated in 1994.

The process to get the wall to the high school included proposals, meetings, and information being passed from the journalism class to administration.

“The wall cost us about $7,800 and then we’ll have the ongoing expense of adding plaques each year,” said Sheila Moore, journalism advisor.

Adding plaques to the wall is usually only done once every couple of years; it’s about $50 per plaque, and journalism also has to rent a lift for the team to put the plaques up on the wall. To try and save money they order a whole set and rent a lift once every couple years instead of every year.

“It’s a money-saving thing since we have to raise all the money ourselves,” said Moore.

The design was done by Jake Ramono of Illini Grad Sales. The design was used based on previous artwork and projects from other schools that Ramono has seen over the years.

“[I] recognized that for a surface area that was that large, it would make sense to do something smaller to fit more of them in that area vs. our original thought process which was going to be…large vinyl banners,” said Ramono.

The Meridian Boys Basketball team is the most featured on the Wall of Accomplishments. Shannon Houser, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach has been part of some of these winning teams.

“Hard work pays off…and that’s the biggest thing,” said Houser