Savannah Mendenhall recipient of DAR Award for Meridian


photo by Pamela Mendenhall

Meridian senior Savannah Mendenhall is the recipient of the DAR Award and plans to apply for the scholarship when it becomes available.

by Hannah Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

On October 28, Savannah Mendenhall received notification she had been chosen as Meridian’s recipient for the DAR [Daughters of The American Revolution] Good Citizens Award.

“I was familiar with the award because my sister was also chosen when she was in high school,” said Mendenhall. Her sister Julianna Mendenhall was also a recipient in 2016. “I try my hardest to be nice and make a positive impact at school and it is cool to be recognized for it.”

The qualities that are required from these students are dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism.

“Even through everything she went through with surviving the tornado by herself, the almost ten months of displacement and the three different moves during that time,” said Pamela Mendenhall, Savannah’s mother. “She did not let that slow her pace with holding top grades, continuing her volunteer work, and she has even taken on a part-time job.”

The teacher’s vote and rank the top five members of the senior class that have the qualities that are required. Once the total points were added up, Mendenhall came out on top.

“I would like to say thank you to the people who chose me for this award,” said S. Mendenhall. “I am thankful to have been considered.”

Mendenhall will receive the DAR Good Citizens pin, certificate, and a wallet recognition card at a February meeting for the DAR organization.

“It is always a nice honor to be selected as that recipient, it’s a pretty prestigious honor actually to have,” said Eric Hurelbrink, principal at Meridian High School.

Mendenhall plans to apply for the DAR Scholarship that will be open to her through the organization when it becomes available.

“I plan on attending college after high school. I want to study accounting,” said S. Mendenhall. “That [DAR Scholarship] gets me closer to affording a college that I actually want to attend.”