District 15 News numbers see increase since September


Sheila Moore

Advertising live broadcasts is central to the new success of the program. District 15 News has built a strong following which has seen great growth since September. "My team is in good hands under the leadership of this year's executive producer, Karrigan True," said Sheila Moore, journalism adviser.

Gabby Bingaman, Reporter

The Meridian High School journalism program, District 15 News (D15N), started back in 2013. The group initially averaged between five and 20 views per broadcast; now, they have hit two major milestones.

D15N decided to broadcast every home game due to out of state family of coaches, players, and graduates who wanted to watch loved ones.

In 2013, the equipment that was used wasn’t the greatest, the program was new, and tech support was an issue. Students had to adapt and learn, but since the beginning, things have only gotten bigger and better.

“We’re now able to track how many people are watching live and on-demand and so those numbers just keep increasing, pretty much with every broadcast that we do…I think that our equipment has grown, and we now broadcast in HD” said Sheila Moore, journalism teacher. She has plans in the future to make outdoor live streams even better.

On September 27, District 15 News hit their first big milestone. After starting out with average numbers, they quickly shot up with views coming in at 564 for the varsity football game vs. Sullivan and most of these views were live.

“Hitting these goals…I was speechless, I was absolutely speechless when I saw that we had that many because I know how far we’ve come, and how many we used to get even in the past and that’s just crazy to me…seeing how huge this program has grown and how many people really care about the live streams,” said Karrigan True, executive producer.

On October 25, the views shot up even higher coming in at 1,110. True again was speechless when she saw these numbers. With how far the program has grown and has expanded “we used to have so few and now we have over 1,000.”

“I wish that our 1,100 views were under better circumstances. I think most of those views were on-demand because people wanted to see the fight that took place at the end of the game, but they’re able to do those things because we do a great job of covering everything,” said Moore.

Getting here took a lot of promotion, advertisement, and posting a broadcast schedule every month, that way everybody can see it.

“It took a lot with all the late nights Ms. Moore has spent at the school setting up for this,” said Kyle Farmer, 2019 graduate, and former executive producer.

“We’re only going up from here,” said True.