Countdown to DRAMAtic murders


photo by Chelsea Stewart

The Meridian High School drama club will put on a production of WCKY in November. There are three murders that take place in this show. “I feel the death scenes are surprising yet well written to the point that they are tragic yet funny,” said Brian Reed.

by Hannah Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

On November 15 & 16, less than thirty days away, the Meridian Drama club will put on a production of WCKY. It is a radio show that debuts, but experiences some hiccups when three people are murdered.

“I think the audience will love some of the jokes and will be surprised by some of the sudden twists,” said Brian Reed, a senior.

This show has so far provided unique experiences for some cast members.

“In my school back home, we had to take two years of drama as a subject, besides that, I played in two Dutch musicals,” said Larou De Jong, a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands. “I really like drama at Meridian! We have a really fun cast and I may like drama here in America even better.”

The cast includes Claire Palmer (Darla), Link Honeysett (Sterling), De Jong (Dotty), Micah Rem (Alistair), Hallie Gates (Polly), Maria Steiling (Fran), Derek McLaughlin (Gilbert), Tommy Ozier (Ziggy), Matt Parker (Dischord), Hunter Foulks (Speedy), Gideon Hill (Randy), Keagan Kantor (Emerson), Colin Heidemann (Slim), Ellie Fitzpatrick (Veronica), Emery Johnson (Sarah), Zoey Hayes (Olivia), Alli Hackert (Clementine Sister), Andi Carr (Clementine Sister), Marisa Hill (Clementine Sister), Brian Reed (Roy), Avril Morrell (Jasper), Madeline Klinger (Sal), Zoe Pramuk (Mavis), Madison Sapp (Detective Carter), Trent Moma (Detective Green).

Director Chelsea Stewart describes the show as a light-hearted comedy and murder mystery.

“No pun intended but the kids are definitely killing it with their roles,” said Stewart.

The crew includes Hannah Reichert (Stage Manager), Hailey Wendowski (Stage Manager), Robert Lecates (Sound Manager), Katelyn Lowry (Lights Manager), Laney Jones, Lexi Jones, Jonah Brue, Max Schuetz, Savannah Mendenhall, Jonathan Harding, Alexis Tish, Amber Coon, Tucker Parks, Jeremiah Renfro, Eliza Morey, Jadalin Brand.

“I’m excited for the people to see the hard work that the kids have put in and really excited to see their reactions, I hope they think that they’re as funny as I do,” said Stewart.

The community can catch this “killer” play on November 15 and 16, at 7:00 in the Meridian High School Auditorium. To buy tickets go to, premium seating is ten dollars and general is seven dollars.