Child Development’s new addition


photo by Katie Warnick

The students unpack the life-like doll, which they got in late August. “You find out what it’s like to take care of a baby by yourself,” said Kloe Leisure.

by Emery Johnson, Reporter

The Meridian Child Development class, taught by Katie Warnick, got a life-like, robotic baby doll in late August.

Warnick programs the doll to cry at various intervals before she sends it home with a student for forty-eight hours. The doll is called a “Ready or Not Tot.”

“The goal is to teach high school students that caring for an infant isn’t always the easiest,” said Warnick.

The students take turns taking the doll home on the weekends. The students must treat the doll like a real baby, keep a journal the days they have him, keep track of when they take care of him, and answer questions as part of the assignment.

“He cries a lot. We have a set of keys that go into his back and the options are like burp and feed. You have to decide which one he needs,” said Courtney Sollman, a junior. “We have to take him everywhere with us like a real baby. We have a car seat and stuff like that to take care of him.”

Faith, Family, Life Church in Macon donated a large amount of money to the school so that the Child Development class could buy the doll.

“The Pastor of Faith, Family, Life Church asked us to name the baby Hope and I said ” well that would be great but she’s a boy,” said Warnick.

The class decided to name the baby Judah.