New news for newspaper


photo by Gabby Bingaman

Sheila Moore looks for the story of her yearbook staff on the app. She downloaded the Student News Source app as soon as it was available this summer.

by Gabby Bingaman, Executive Producer

Have you been meaning to get the District 15 News app? Well, if it’s not made it to the top of your to-do list, no worries. That app is out, the new and improved app is in. Why the switch? Because we want to serve customers in the best way possible. This app will achieve our mission.

Two students created the first app in the spring of 2016 “to be as in touch with the 21st century as possible,” said Cole Babcock, Meridian class of 2016 graduate. He wanted to “be as technologically advanced as possible, everybody has smart phones these days and we thought… having an app is the best way to get what we wanted everybody to hear out, and it would be easier for our users as well as us updating the app and keeping the information flowing.”

The following year, SNO (Student News Online) developed their own app in conjunction with their online news platform. Meridian made the switch to this new technology. There seemed to be glitches in the new system, causing many to uninstall it from their phones.

Over the summer, SNO overhauled their app, and it is worth downloading.

“We ended up changing because we like to be on the cutting edge of the newest technology, and this is the newest technology that SNO has to offer,” said Sheila Moore, a journalism teacher.

This app (Student News Source) will allow journalism to take a different approach for people to read the stories produced. The new app will allow journalistic classes all over the country to use their news features. Some of the features that are included in the new style from are: “latest news stories automatically added to the app from your SNO website, push notifications by category, and photo galleries.”

Their site states SNO knew they wanted to fill their new site with things like photo galleries, push notifications, story commenting. Unlike the previous app which relied all on individuals having the app, this will be a hub for student journalist.

“Our previous app was glitchy, the layout didn’t always look the greatest and when they did the upgrade, I immediately knew that we [publications] wanted to do that,” said Moore.

The new app is just as easy to access as the outdated Meridian Daily app through the app store.

Moore believes the app “functions much better and also sends updates to your phone, so you get a notification when a new story has been posted…functionality wise it is far better than what we had before.”

If you’re needing help getting the app, first, you’ll get the Student News Source app from your phone app store. After downloading the app, you can use your current location (if you’re close to MHS) or enter “Meridian” which should then bring up Meridian Senior High School. Don’t forget to check the box allowing for notifications.