Meridian Moments yearbook staff wins national competition

Walsworth Yearbooks


photo by Mike Taylor

Editor-in-chief Hallie Gates at yearbook Elite Weekend, Fort Worth, Texas, working on the beginnings of the rap that would eventually win the competition.

by Delaney Jones, Reporter

After the homecoming pep rally on October 11, it was announced Meridian Moments yearbook staff had won the national Level Up! yearbook competition. The Level Up! competition is open to all yearbook staffs in the nation and only two schools are selected. The yearbook staff applied to the competition in the form of a rap video. As one of the selected schools, Meridian will receive $3,500 worth of training over the next two years.

“This is the first national thing that we’ve done,” said yearbook adviser Sheila Moore. “We went out on a limb and I thoroughly believe that it is because our staff this year is so close and is willing to just do whatever it takes to get things done–even if that means rapping in a video to send for a national competition.”

Part of the prize the yearbook staff will receive is a visit from yearbook experts Mike Taylor, CJE and/or Jim Jordan. Taylor and/or Jordan will visit Meridian High School once a year for the next two years.

“The video was excellent, well done, super, but the rap was brilliant and it just showed a lot of passion and a lot of want to do this,” said Taylor. “We know that there is a passion there to do it well.”

District 15 News

Editor for the yearbook staff, Hallie Gates, was prominently featured in the rap video used to apply for the competition. Gates is one of the main leaders of the yearbook staff and thinks this prize pack could push the yearbook program towards a national award.

“Our school is small, but I really want to see us take home some national awards,” said Gates. “I think winning this contest has helped us gain the resources we need to make this book – and all future books – amazing.”