Reichert earns a 1,000 dollar scholarship for summer blood drive


photo by Hannah Reichert

On September 9, Hannah Reichert received a 1,000 scholarship as the result of a blood drive she hosted over the summer. “I would host another blood drive because I believe that they bring people together in order to help others.”

by Larou de Jong and Hannah Reichert

Hannah Reichert, a senior at Meridian High School, received a 1,000 dollar scholarship. On June 7, Reichert hosted a blood drive at the Blue Mound United Methodist Church for the American Red Cross Leaders Save Lives Program, which collected 25 blood donations. After this, she was entered into a scholarship lottery and won. 

The American Red Cross Leaders Save Lives Program encourages students from high school and college to host blood drives during the summer months and winter holidays. 

20% of all American blood donations come from high school or college students and when they are not in school, the amount of blood donations drops. This was one of the reasons Reichert decided to host a drive.

“I thought it would be a great way to give back to the community,” said Reichert.

Sheila Rappé, the National Honor Society adviser at Meridian, was available when Reichert needed help or had questions.

“Hannah did most of it, I just had to communicate with a worker from the American Red Cross in Chicago and make sure everything was scheduled. Hannah made all of the appointments,” said Rappé.

Reichert asked her grandma, Rose Reichert, and aunt, Susan Seitz, to make some snacks. Reichert was present for the entire event to help set up, welcome donors, and clean up afterwards.

On September 9, Reichert received an email that announced she got the scholarship. She believes that it will give her opportunities in her future endeavors.

“I am so thankful that I received this scholarship and I have gained an experience that I will never forget,” said Reichert. “The blood drive gave me an awareness to people in need of blood products that I did not have before.”

After Reichert graduates, she plans to attend Richland Community College for two years before attending a four-year university. She can not apply this scholarship to Richland due to a different scholarship. Therefore, Reichert’s mother, Cheryl Wise, has set up a 529 college savings account for the funds until Reichert’s junior year of college.