Finacial aid night for seniors

Haley Grimes, Reporter

On  September 18, 2019, Meridian will host its annual Financial Aid Night in the Meridian High School auditorium. The meeting begins at 6:30 pm and will have a representative from the Illinois Student Assistance Commissions (ISACorp), Jacob Gulso.

“He’ll do a presentation…on the different aspects of financial aid, what the timelines are, the different types of monetary awards there are through financial aid for college,” said Heather Johnson, the guidance counselor for Meridian High School.

Filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) is a must for any student who wishes to attend college.

“It is [important] because any senior going to college has to apply for financial aid, regardless,” said Johnson. “And…starting with next year’s senior class [2020-2021] you are required to fill it out or you have to have a waiver in order for graduation.”

Application for Federal Student Aid is free and can be done on the website from the Federal Student Aid page. Availability to apply for 2019-2020 FASFA opens October 1, 2019. When applying, students may put down colleges they wish to attend and the students FASFA will be sent to those colleges.

“Once they [students] fill out their FASFA, that goes to the government,” said Johnson. “So then they will send out all the information that was filled out on the FASFA to the different colleges that students put down, so the information isn’t going to be sent to random colleges.”

The college will put together a Financial Aid Package. From there, the student can be made aware if they qualify for financial aid through that college.

“It could just consist of loan options. The more money a student’s parent(s) make,…the less aid they’re going to get,” said Johnson.

Meridian students who plan to apply for the Carol Scholarship, or any other Meridian scholarship, must have their FASFA filled out. Students who qualify for financial aid will receive that over the scholarship.