Drama’s “killer” cast announced


photo by Chelsea Stewart

The cast and crew of WCKY is set to begin rehearsals for their show in November.

by Ellie Fitzpatrick, Reporter

Drama’s next cast was announced on September 9 during a study hall meeting. WCKY is a play about a radio station with a murder mystery.

“I think it’s going to be interesting learning all this. I really don’t like doing that part, but I know that I’ll be able to,” said Claire Palmer. Palmer is playing the role of Darla Van Owen, the station owner. It is her senior year which makes this her final production. “I think that this last production will be really fun with the cast that we’re with and it seems like a fun show, I’ve never really done a murder mystery.”

“I’m most excited for the set, I mean I heard the set last year was like really good. I saw it a little bit and it just feels like a step up from last year,” said Avril Morrel.

Morrel is a freshman and is new to the high school drama club. She is playing the role of Jasper, the angry writer. “It just seems like a fun part to play. I mean you just get to be angry and yell at people all the time.”

“I chose the show because I’ve been keeping track ever since I got here of what kind of shows had been put on, and we haven’t done a mystery one since I’ve been here, so I wanted to do something different. I had played around with short skits, but we had just done that with Brother’s Grimm so I didn’t want it to feel too much like repetition,” Chelsea Stewart.

Stewart is taking over the drama department this year from former director Sheila Moore.

“I am most excited to see everything come together because I know getting it there is going to be sheer chaos, so I’m really excited for things to come together smoothly and I hope everyone loves their first show,” said Stewart.