“Wheels & Wings”


photo by Lindsey Sheppard

Fun on the firetrucks. The elementary school held its first event with different kinds of commercial/emergency vehicles. The kids climbed aboard firetrucks, police cars, farming equipment, motorcycles, and many other types of vehicles. The event almost got canceled due to the weather. “We are thankful that the rain cleared up and that everyone was able to enjoy the fun,” said Lindsey Sheppard, an organizer of the event.

by Karrigan True, Photographer

The elementary school “Wheels & Wings” event was an opportunity for Meridian Elementary School students to climb aboard commercial/emergency vehicles. This is the first year it has been done at Meridian. It was held on Thursday, April 25, in the elementary school parking lot.

“We [Carrie Gorden, Alice Reed, and Lindsey Sheppard] heard about another preschool that had hosted a similar event, and thought it would be something our students and their families would enjoy,” said Lindsey Sheppard, PreK Parent Educator, and Restorative Justice Coordinator.

Kids of every age could have a good time with everything from firetrucks to motorcycles to airplanes.

Gorden said the “excitement on the kid’s faces when they got in” was the best part of the event.

With the help of many community members and businesses, the event was able to happen. The volunteers were George and Annette Meisenhelter with IV Container, Jeff Reed with Pleasant View Township, Jeffery Reed with Reed Racing, Ben Thomas with Jenner Ag, Cody Woods with Macon County Sheriff Department, Gaylord and Trinda Varvel with Varvel Trucking, Gordon Farms, Blue Mound Fire Department, Sunbelt Rentals of Decatur, Dennis and Dani Noland, and Craig and Lori Guebert.

“We thank the individuals, families, and businesses that made our evening possible,” said Sheppard.

In order to prepare for the event, the organizers had to brainstorm local businesses and individuals who had vehicles which would work well for the event and interest the kids. Everyone who brought a vehicle volunteered to do it, therefore, it wasn’t extremely costly.

They even planned for an airplane to fly over the school, thanks to Dennis and Dani Noland.

“Their radiant faces warmed my heart and as always, when we can expose kids to experiences they may never get to do again, I’m beyond thrilled and feel brightened after seeing the excitement of the kids,” said Dani Noland.

Along with the vehicles, hotdogs, chips, and desserts were also provided. To go along with the “Wheels & Wings” theme, Dippin Mervs in Blue Mound brought boneless chicken wings.