Time to smile into their next chapter


Chad Mitchell Photography

Just like that, the 25th anniversary of Meridian has come and gone. Seniors pose as a group while some have brought personal touches of their own. Although the perfect position took a few tries, the outcome was well worth it.

Mikayla Dahlkamp, Reporter


In recent years, the senior class photo in the yearbook has been a traditional cap and gown photo. This years seniors will bring back the old school class picture, the format from the 90’s, that was shot outdoors while students were allowed to bring props if desired, to personalize the photograph.

“It’s just the last couple years we wanted to be more formal, so we did the nice cap and gown shot, so we actually went back to what we were accustomed to doing,” said Mrs. Moore, yearbook adviser.

The switch back to the old class photo was discussed when the topic of this years yearbook cover was brought up.

“We knew that we probably wanted to do a throwback because everything [in the book] is all centered on the 25th anniversary for the book,” Moore said.

Chad Mithchell, photographer, took the shot in the parking lot by the softball field while students swarmed a face off between a 2013 Chevy Camaro, brought by Kyle Farmer, senior, and a 2017 Dodge Scat Pack Challenger brought by Evan Dawson, senior.

Farmer and Dawson sat on the hoods while the rest of the class filled the empty space to pose for one of the last times together. The final group shot will take place at graduation practice while graduates wear their caps and gowns.

“I was a little nervous, because I know if I take that car back with a scratch on the hood I’ll probably never get to drive it again, so I was really careful to make sure I didn’t,” Farmer said.

Meridian’s seniors have added interesting, edgy effects in past class photos shot on chorus risers such as a fog machine for the Steam Punk book while Mr. Hurelbrink, principal, monitored “just in case it set off the sprinklers and things,” Moore said.

However, students seemed to love the personal touch that’s allowed to be embellished on the old school class picture.

“I think it’s different, unique, and better than the same old same old,” said Emily Peterson, senior.