Junior class raises money for good cause


photo by Abagayle Jones

Juniors prepare a dodge ball tournament in order to raise money for Macon Resources. Tournament will be held May 10 during study hall in the gym.

by Abagayle Jones, Reporter

The English III class at Meridian High School is currently working on a fundraiser for Macon Resources, an organization who works with people who are handicapped and attend to people with special needs. The class is putting together a dodge-ball tournament in which any high school student can participate or attend.

The tournament will take place Friday, May 10 during study hall in Meridian High School’s gym. Prices are three dollars to be on a team, two dollars if you pay at the door to watch, or one dollar if you pay in advance to watch. There will also be a concession stand.

Chelsea Dunmire, Meridian High School’s English III teacher, had a reason behind this fundraiser. She felt the class was getting “burnt out on our regular project,” Dunmire said.

Dunmire’s inspiration for this fundraiser is from her aunt who is mentally handicapped. “It’s really exciting to see how excited she is to go to Macon Resources every single day,” Dunmire said.

Dunmire thinks raising money for Macon Resources is a great cause and she hopes to make the kids more aware that there are services such as Macon Resources. “It’s not that hard to go out of your way to raise money for something that is important,” Dunmire said.

Steven Stoots, junior at Meridian High School, has pitched in a lot with the fundraiser and thinks it has been very successful so far.

“I think it has impacted me quite well, makes me think of all of the other people who have disabilities… I feel like it will make them all happy,” Stoots said.

Stoots thinks that doing this fundraiser makes the juniors feel good that they are helping people with disabilities.

Seth Barnes, junior at Meridian High School, thinks “raising money is fun” and a good way to get out in the community and “create fun memories.”

Barnes hopes that he will be involved in more fundraising projects in the future. “Getting people to sign up and make them want to do it” was a challenge for Barnes.

Dunmire believes she will do more fundraising for important causes and is surprised by how smooth the planning has gone.