Dedicated to a healthier lifestyle

by Case Jaukkuri, Reporter


Levi Keller made a decision a few months ago to lose weight, to feel better and live a healthier lifestyle. In three months, he has managed to lose 73 pounds. His journey has been one of hard work with a side of shakes and protein bars.

Keller had talked about going on a liquid diet to lose some weight because he was tired of the way he felt all the time. It is really how much weight he has lost in just three months that stands out; it is not the easiest thing to just live off of shakes and protein bars.

Keller got his motivation from his older brother Andrew Richards, who started the diet about six months ago and lost over 160 pounds. Keller’s brother told him about the program and he thought he would give it a try.

Keller does this program through the Physician Choice Wellness Center, where he reports every Sunday for check-ups. Once a month, he has a doctor’s appointment where he gets weighed, blood pressure is taken, and they have a class. He gets three shakes a day and two of the protein bars that the wellness center provides.

Every Sunday at Keller’s class, they talk about exercise and healthy eating habits for when they are off of the diet in order to stay fit.

“I am over the moon happy and so very proud of Levi for taking the initiative to start this diet and sticking to it,” said Teresa Keller, his mother, who believes that this is the “best” birthday present he could’ve given himself.

Keller plans to stick to his promise to stay healthy and keep the lost weight off. After the diet is over, he plans to eat healthier and stay determined.

Keller’s friends see his hard work and congratulated him on his journey. Jenna Jackson, a friend of Keller’s said to him, “Levi! you look so skinny.”