Meridian Publications advances in 13 of 17 categories


Sheila Moore

Brian Reed, Claire Palmer, Drew Snow, Tyler Ward, Case Jaukkuri, Hannah Reichert, Kyle Farmer, Hallie Gates, Breanna Evans, Mikayla Dahlkamp, Madison Sapp, Courtney Sollman, Karrigan True, Gabby Bingaman, Sydney Moore and Sadie Scott. Meridian Publications Sectional team at Carbondale after the awards ceremony where the sectional host gave ribbons to the respective students who placed first, second, or third in their categories. Adviser Sheila Moore had trained each student to the best of her ability.

Brian Reed, Reporter


On Saturday, April 13, a team of Meridian’s journalists/yearbook staff gathered early in the morning to board a bus to the IHSA Sectional competition in Carbondale, Illinois.

“I had a really good team last year and I think my team this year was amazing the way we all worked together and got it done,” said Kyle Farmer, part of the three-person team for Video News which included Case Jaukkuri and Karrigan True.

Meridian had 12 of their students advance to state competition (to be held April 26 in Bloomington), and 3 of them advanced in two categories, four first place finishes, five second place, and four third place.

First place finishes included:

-Madison Sapp in Photo Storytelling

-Sydney Moore in News Writing

-Sadie Scott in Headline Writing

-Case Jaukkuri, Karrigan True, and Kyle Farmer in Video News

According to one of the judges in regards to Scott’s headlines in the Headline Writing category, “These are solid headlines, attract attention without giving too much information.”

Second place finishes included:

-Claire Palmer in Newspaper Design

-Hallie Gates in Yearbook Copy Writing

-Sadie Scott in Copy Editing

-Drew Snow in Broadcast News

-Breanna Evans in Infographics

“Well thought out story that gets to the point without being ‘preachy. Accuracy was on-point- name and show title were correct!” said one of the judges commenting on Snow’s Broadcast News entry.

Third place finishes included:

-Brian Reed in both Advertising and Editorial Cartooning

-Hannah Reichert in Yearbook Caption Writing

-Sydney Moore in Yearbook Layout

“The advertisement was designed to be clean/neat however the presentation of the information could have been used more creative elements to better attract the target audience,” said one judge after looking at Reed’s Advertising entry.

The following students also placed helping advance Meridian to second place win, just three points behind Edwardsville High School: Mikayla Dahlkamp placed in both Review Writing and Feature Writing, Tyler Ward placed in Sports Writing, and the team of Gabby Bingaman and Courtney Sollman placed in Yearbook Theme Development.

The 12 students who placed first through third will advance to state, which will be held at Heartland Community College.