Shadow of my job


Jay Scott

Case Jaukkuri (Right) and Jacoby Clem (Left) are at the States Attorney office. This week's job shadow includes meeting Jay Scott and sitting in on his meetings with clients. Jaukkuri said, “The clients were worried about us being in on the meeting, but a part of our job shadow we have a confidentiality agreement.”

Shyanne Piatt, Reporter

Through Richland Community College’s HTA Program, also known as Heartland Technical Academy, the second-year criminal justice students are able to participate in an eight-week job shadow experience.

Student’s who qualify must pass a background check, have good attendance and good grades in order to participate. Students who qualify are able to job shadow at these eight locations: Decatur Police Department, Macon County Sheriff’s Office, Macon County Jail, Probation Office, States Attorney, Public Defender, Macon County Circuit Clerk, and Animal Control. Job shadow is on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; then, on Monday and Friday,  students attend Richland, where they are required to write a weekly assignment.

Each week, students are with a different agency and each has something different to offer. My personal experience was great. The first week, my job shadow partner and I were at the Macon County Sheriff’s Department.

The first day, we got to walk around the building, visit the evidence room, talk with multiple detectives about this line of work. Also, they gave us advice to listen to.

The best part was getting to ride along with a deputy. You get to experience what it’s like to be a patrol officer for a shift. We got to pull people over for traffic violations, went to serve a subpoena, and got to attend a move-out, where an occupant would be evicted and have to leave the premises. I got to also meet the K-9 Rue. Rue is a drug dog.

I loved the experience. We get to see what the general public is not able to see or experience.

The next week we got to job shadow at the public defender’s office. We got to sit in on court hearings, and preliminary hearings. An inmate was brought in from the jail. We got to see some of them get sentenced while others were awaiting bail.

The following week we attended the Macon County Circuit Clerks office, one of the best weeks we have had so far.

Jennifer Ybora was our tour guide throughout the experience. She was amazing and had so much planned for us. We got to meet and talk with a judge, a forensic scientist and even got to visit the old jail that’s located on the 7th floor of the courthouse. The old jail is not even open to the public. We had to take a secret elevator to get to it.