Boy Scouts collect caps

Amber Miller, Karrigan True


Amber Miller

Jackson Manon (orange scarf) and Logan Lott (yellow scarf) packing lids and caps into plastic bags to be weighed.

Amber Miller, Reporter

Recently, Cub Scout Pack 36 reached out to the Meridian community for help. Their goal is to collect plastic lids or caps which will be turned into park benches.

Step one was to leave drop boxes around the community at the First Christian Church in Blue Mound, the Village Office, Bank of Blue Mound, Meridian Elementary, Meridian High School, Blue Mound United Methodist, Meridian Church of God, Macon Library, and the Hickory Point Bank. If you can’t make it to a drop spot, caps/lids can be picked up by Scout leader, Jill Parton.

The idea came from hearing that another cub scout pack down south was doing it in their area.

“We kind of adopted it around here and thought it was a good thing, It’s something the boys can leave their mark on,” said Parton.

Joshua Pritchard and Will Parton, two of the scouts from Pack 36, have been in boy scouts since they were in kindergarten. They hope the community enjoys the benches so they won’t have to stand when they can sit and they can “just have fun.”

Parton, age 10, even expressed a concern that the benches will be useful at parks so that people have somewhere to sit. He said that if there aren’t benches, “you’ll have to call someone to bring you a bench.”

The plan is to put benches around the community, parks, libraries,  and one at the Civic Center. The project started in November and will continue for two or more years. The boys met at the Pleasant View Township building in Blue Mound to sort and weigh the plastic lids. For the lids or caps to be accepted, they should have a certain recycle number.

“The benches will be placed where the community needs them,” said Pritchard.