Meridian Daily’s call for action


Brian Reed

The Meridian Daily's journalists create presentations about what they do, what they want to get accomplished, and how they are going to try to accomplish their goals. They present said presentations to their superiors to either get approved and/or given constructive criticism on what else they should do, or they could get told that they should not go forward with their current projects.

Brian Reed, Reporter

The Meridian Daily journalist every year try to change concerning issues about everyday life at Meridian through PR (Public Relations) projects. In the past they have raised money and produced things to help out with what they felt should be done around the school to make the school just that much better. They have raised money for items such as the digital trophy case and wall of plaques in the Great Hall and the shirts sold to help raise awareness for the football team.

This year one group of journalists is trying to help get something students have been wanting to change: school lunches. Meridian prides itself on being decently modern with its changing to Chromebooks and projectors in every classroom, so why should our lunches stay the same? The journalists are trying to take what is said at the government level, and change what schools should be allowed to give students, or at the very least create meals that are within the guidelines that students will enjoy.

Meridian students would be allowed to create a meal which follows the state standards, not necessarily an easy task.

The other group of journalists is trying to raise awareness for Meridian Publications and all that they do in this class. They have their award winning website and app, the PR projects they do for the school every year, sectionals and state for their journalistic abilities, and the stories they write for the school each day..

With these projects going on, you can help them out yourself. You can download the Meridian Daily app, read more articles written by their journalists, watch more of their live streams and news shows, and support them for what they do around the school. You can also take the survey sent out by journalists on school lunches, if they should be changed and why.