Genetics field trip


photo by Claire Palmer

The Genetics/Microbiology students went to Harristown, to a GMO lab to learn about GMOs and how they affect our society.

by Case Jaukkuri, Reporter

Genetics is a semester-long class taught by Ms. Sheila Rappe. In the first semester, students learn all about genetics. In the second semester, they do microbiology. Rappe’s students just had the opportunity to visit a GMO testing lab to learn about GMOs and how they affect our society.

When they arrived at the GMO lab, students were issued lab coats and goggles, which seemed to excite some of the students. Trip leaders split students up into groups, then took them into a lab and showed them test tubes with different things in them. The staff at the GMO lab also told students how they genetically modify different things, like plants and animals.

Riley Brelsfoard, senior, said, “There was a lady who was telling us about how they used electricity with anions and cations.” Brelsfoard found the GMO lab having radioactive items in the lab very interesting. He also raved about the fact that they supplied him cookies during the trip.

Angela Dawson, who works at the GMO lab, gave a presentation about how GMOs are not as bad as everyone says they are, and how they haven’t found anything bad about them and it makes the crops better.

Claire Palmer, a junior, also thought the trip was really interesting. She loved learning about new things and her favorite part was the presentation that Dawson gave.

Just like Brelsfoard, Palmer loved getting cookies during the lab trip.

The students seem to have enjoyed the trip and got to learn new things about GMOs.