Let’s all sing together


Kyle Farmer

The Meridian Hawks choir had its annual festival. It was held in Lincolnwood, Raymond. Ellen Jackson (sophomore) said, "My favorite part of the choir festivals is meeting all the experienced singers."

Kyle Farmer, Executive Producer

On February 7, the Meridian High School choir sang at their annual choir festival in Raymond. A choir festival is where seven to eight schools come together to sing. In past years, the festival has been held at Meridian, Central A&M, and Argenta-Oreana.

“Many years ago before I was a teacher, a group of choir directors, who were very good friends with each other decided that they wanted to give their students a new experience and sing with other groups and sing in a large mass choir that’s where the choir festival came from,” said Erika Dowd, the choir teacher at Meridian High School.

The Meridian choir left at 12:15 and spent most of their day in rehearsal. Then at six o’clock, they had a concert, which included the songs Gloria, Thistle and Rose, Old Joe Clark, Truly Brave, and Wade in the Water.

“My favorite part of the choir festivals are meeting all the experienced singers,” said Ellen Jackson, a sophomore.

At this choir festival, there were students from Central A&M, Taylorville, Pana, South Fork, Lincolnwood, New Berlin, Springfield, and Macon, which means there was close to 400 students in attendance. At the beginning of the festival, the directors separated the students with altos on one side, sopranos on the other, and the basses and tenors in the middle.

“I like the choir festival because I get to meet new people,” said Brock True, a Meridian senior.

They gave students a few minutes to talk with kids from other schools. Then choir rehearsed as a group until school was dismissed. Directors worked with certain groups while the other students got a snack and restroom breaks.

A guest director named Cory Ganschow from Bradley University worked with the students all day.

Directors fed the students supper and had them change into their concert attire. The concert was performed in front of family and friends.