Journalists have sectionals too


photo by Hannah Reichert

Eighteen students from Meridian High School are preparing to compete at the journalism sectionals on April 13. “I’m excited to be able to compete in creating video packages this year for the first time,” said Kyle Farmer, executive producer for District 15 News.

by Hannah Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

Eighteen students from Meridian High School will compete at the IHSA Journalism Sectionals on Saturday, April 13. Out of the eighteen students, ten of them are journalism students, six are in yearbook club, and two are not in either class/club. If students advance, they will compete Friday, April 26, at the State competition.

“In choosing people I start with who has interest…if someone wants to do a certain category, they can let me know,” said Ms. Sheila Moore, journalism and English teacher. “Then I will let them know if I think that category is feasible or not.”

Sectionals is an IHSA day-long competition that is broken up into blocks that contain individual competitions that students are registered for. It’s divided into an A block in the morning and a B block in the afternoon, although, some competitions take all day. However, a student can compete in both blocks if they are not competing in an all-day competition or some might only compete in one block.

“I’m new to it [journalism], so I think it’s really exciting to be a sophomore and to be doing something so big,” said Amber Miller, a journalism student, and the social media manager of all Meridian publications. Miller is set to compete in yearbook theme development.

Competitions will be over news writing, editorials, photo storytelling, yearbook them development, etc.. The way a competition starts is the participants are given a prompt. For example, in caption writing, you are given photos and information about said photos.

“The importance of sectionals is to prove what I can do through journalism and hopefully advance this year, and not everything like what happened last year,” said Drew Snow, a former journalism student. Snow competed last year at Sectionals, however, lost all of his media because of a faulty computer. Therefore, unfortunately, he was disqualified from the competition.