Hunt for new staff


photo by Abagayle Jones

As teachers retire, the hunt for next school year’s staff begins. Current English teachers get to sit in on the interviews and give their opinions which are taken into a great amount of consideration. “It’s nice that my administration values our opinion enough to let us do that,” said Mrs. Moore, a current English teacher at Meridian High School.

by Abagayle Jones, Reporter

At the end of this school year, Meridian High School will have three teachers retire. Denna Williams (physical education), John Rude (English), and Jeannine Rude (math). The high school will add a new agriculture┬áprogram, so positions will be available for that as well. As the year comes closer to an end, the hunt for next year’s staff begins.

“Once we know we have a job to fill, we have to advertise it internally,” said Meridian High School principal Eric Hurelbrink. Which means they advertise it to the staff first so current teachers will have an opportunity. If that doesn’t go as planned, they advertise it to the public.

To be considered a Meridian teacher, you have to undergo a background check and have your fingerprints done, and most importantly you have to have a valid teaching certificate.

Once someone is hired, Hurelbrink brings them into the high school for a few days. This allows them to get comfortable in a new environment, know the school, and put names to faces.

Hurelbrink says something he looks for in applicants is how well they will fit in. “I try to picture in my head how are they going to get along with kids, how are they going to get along with other staff members…,” said Hurelbrink.

“One of the biggest things is what they are passionate about,” said Mrs. Moore, an English teacher at Meridian High School, as she refers to what she looks for in new teachers.

It will be an experience for the staff and the students to have many new teachers start at the same time. “I’m excited for Mr. and Mrs. Rude to be able to go off and do their thing and get to spend time together,” said Moore.

Moore would have felt intimidated if they did interviews back then (2006) the way they do them now. The only person who she sat in the room at the time of her interview was the principal at the time, Jack Blickensderfer.

“Having somebody new to the team, it’ll be fun,” said Moore.