Blue Mound center becomes center of attention


photo by Jodi True

A change for the better. The Wise Park’s pavilion in Blue Mound is taking away from the beauty of the rest of the park. The Blue Mound Park Board decided to update it to give the park a nicer look. “We still haven’t decided if we should keep with the blue theme or add a pop of color,” said Jodi True, park board president. The project should begin in March of 2019.

by Karrigan True, Photographer

Blue Mound’s Wise Park is a significant part of this community. The park’s pavilion is a gathering place for family reunions, birthday parties, picnics, and even larger things such as the annual fall festival. Recently, the members of the park board decided the pavilion needed a change for the better. They decided to refurbish the existing pavilion instead of rebuilding an entirely new one. Trimble Construction will complete the project.

“Their main problem is that they have been trying to paint it [the pavilion] and it won’t hold the paint,” said Travis Trimble, member of Trimble Construction.

Trimble Construction is going to start off by taking apart the pavilion. They will then bring the steel structure back to their facility and sandblast it to bare metal, prime and paint it, then reassemble at the park. The paint should last nearly 25 years. The roofing and electrical work will be new. A ceiling will be added. By doing this, they hope to keep birds from nesting in the roof and stop kids from climbing it.

“The columns and beams are the only things that aren’t new. This is because once they are sandblasted to bare metal, they are as good as new,” said Trimble.

The refurbishing must be done at Trimble Construction’s buildings. This is because if it were done at the park, the construction zone would have to be tented and every last piece of paint and debris would need to be gone. If someone were to get hurt from it, this could result in lawsuits for the park board from both the family and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“If something went wrong, we would be in a whole lot of trouble and owe a whole lot of money,” said Jodi True, Blue Mound Park Board president.

The cost for this is $52,885. So far, $7,000 has been collected. If you would like to donate to the project, you can mail a donation to the Blue Mound Park District at  PO Box #91 in Blue Mound, IL 6213. You can also drop it off at the bank in Blue Mound and leave it for Jodi True. Or you can give it to any of the board members, Jodi True, Alice Reed, Hilare Klinger, Dean Latham, or Leslie Wolpert.

“This will really make the park look a lot nicer for the town,” said Alice Reed, Blue Mound Park Board treasurer.

Weather pending, the project should begin in March and be completed by Memorial Day.