Take back our Hawk, hawks!


Brian Reed

"I would like to maintain that I was not in the suit, I was taking care of my sick cat at drama club, and I have a doctor's note," said Sadie Scott, student and usual mascot for the Meridian Hawks. Scott would like for everyone to know that she does not know anything, but feels bad for whomever was in the suit because the "Bird Snatchers" seemed to be a little rougher than planned.

Brian Reed, Reporter

On Tuesday, December 11, our mascot, the hawk, was taken out of the gymnasium just prior to the varsity game. Nobody currently knows exactly where the hawk is, but we have been given a ransom note and a go fund me page(www.gofundme.com/rescue-the-hawk) to help raise the 500 dollars to get the hawk back.

They currently are working on making wanted posters for the alleged “Bird Snatchers” so people can keep an eye out for them. If you see any of the culprits, be sure to report it to the closest teacher or faculty.

I checked this morning and on the go fund me page, which has a $500 goal, we were at $220 so almost halfway to the goal. I do know booster club says that they, dependent on where we are at as far as the goal, they might take collection at the next boys basketball game which is January 8th,” said Phil Stielow, Meridian’s Technology Director. Stielow had been entrusted with the ransom note by Principal Eric Hurelbrink.

Some pictures were released of the hawk locked in a cage, alive and well, but trapped until we pay the ransom.

“I would say that it’s been planned for a couple months,” said Sadie Scott, student at Meridian. She had been our mascot for a couple years now, but it just so happens she wasn’t in the suit that night.

Scott feels the “Bird Snatchers” motive is to raise money for a good cause, but she doesn’t fully know. The Booster Club is on its way to raising the whole 500 for the ransom, they just need a little help from the community.

Four-year-old Laura Nottingham was distraught over the abduction. “When they were doing that parade, they just took him and put that white thing on him.” The poor child had to witness everything that happened to her beloved hawk. She believes that we should raise as much money as possible, but we need your help.

Donate to the go fund me and help bring back the hawk. Let’s bring those “Bird Snatchers” to justice!