Journalism wraps up ad sales unit


photo by Cristian Scott

Tyler Schilz, Korey Damery and Cristian Scott take their attendance selfie. Every time they arrived at a new business, they had to take a picture to let their teacher know where they were. Each group posted their photo to a shared Facebook group to stay connected.

by Case Jaukkuri, Reporter

Journalism class, along with four yearbook students, wrapped up their ad sales unit on Halloween. The process consists of learning their products, setting up meetings with business owners, and learning how to present their material. They get one day out of school for their scheduled meetings, then one extra week to close any deals.

Journalism had a stellar year, outselling last year’s group by raising $16,000.  They use this money to pay off the things they do like the digital trophy case and the wall.

Mr. Hurelbrink, high school principal, loves the idea of ad sales, “I think it puts our school in a good light, it shows people in the community that our kids are actively involved in different things.”

Journalism students enjoy it as well. They love going out and being able to make their publication money.

“It felt good knowing that we were able to outsell the group from last year because we had a big responsibility going in that we needed to get enough money to pay off the wall [in the Great Hall],” said Kyle Farmer, Meridian senior involved in the sales.