Meridian annual blood drive


Cristian Scott

Jesse Damery, Drew Snow, and Erica Corzine sit with Peyton Latham as she prepares to give blood. Meridian held a blood drive on November 2 during a time which allowed students to donate during their classes.

Cristian Scott, Reporter

Meridian High School had a blood drive on November 2, 2018. There were 91 people who registered.  81 units were donated, and 23 first time donors.

Meridian teacher Mrs. Rappe is in charge of setting up, getting people registered, and organizing workers. Rappe said, “To donate blood you must be 16 years of age, and you also have to meet the height and weight guidelines.”

Meridian does three blood drives every year. All National Honor Society Chapters are required to have one blood drive, but Meridian does three for scholarship purposes.

First-time donor Mathew Oakley (sophomore) said, “On a scale from one to ten on being nervous I am a one.” Oakley overall had a good experience. “I am giving blood because my aunt gave blood, and she convinced me to. So when I turned 16 I chose to give blood.” Oakley says he will continue to do the blood drive.

The blood drive is normally at Meridian High School, but sometimes it is at the Macon Community Center. Meridian’s involvement with the Red Cross dates back to 2006.

Erica Corzine (junior) said, “I was really nervous. I just didn’t want to pass out.” Corzine is fine when she is sitting, but when she stands up gets dizzy.

“I decided to do the blood drive because it’s good knowing you are helping someone in need, and saving lives,” Corzine said.