No good on advertising?


Brian Reed

"I understand that we're not allowed to advertise due to legal reasons because everybody would have to be allowed to advertise, but at the same time I don't really think it's fair that we can't just put up posters or something or be in the yearbook," says Candice Duncan, leader of the GSA.

Brian Reed, Reporter

Some clubs at Meridian have been wondering one thing; why can’t they advertise? That would be because Meridian is a limited public forum. There are three main types of public forums; an open public forum, a limited public forum, and a non-public forum. Meridian is a limited public forum, which means they only have expressive activity towards a select set of clubs.

“We really just limit it to school-sanctioned activities,” said Dan Brue, superintendent of the Meridian School District. Just because they chose to do a limited public forum doesn’t completely keep them from allowing non school-sanctioned activities to openly advertise within the school, but once they do, they cannot discriminate against any type of group that wants to, but some clubs have felt that it still isn’t right to them and feel they should still be able to advertise.

“The school doesn’t try to discriminate against a particular group or organization, what the school has to look at is if we allow one organization to call themselves Meridian, what are the ramifications of the next group who wants to do the same,” said Eric Hurelbrink, Principal at Meridian High School. But some clubs still don’t completely get why it’s a big deal on why they can’t put up an ad in the school or online.

“Say a church group wants to do something, and we put something for that on the web page and advertise it, since we open it up to them, we have to open it up to any other group that may or may not have the same views as other people in the community,” says Brue.