Hard work and dedication: Entrepreneurship class makes 2,000 shirts in one week


photo by Jenna Jackson

Entrepreneurship class posses for picture in their homecoming shirts which they made for students at Meridian High School.

by Case Jaukkuri, Reporter

Ms. Tricia Campbell teaches the Entrepreneurship class at Meridian High School, the group who just turned out 2,000 shirts in one week. Homecoming, the Walkathon, and Powder Puff– Campbell’s students were in charge of the shirts for each one of these activities.

Campbell’s class operates an apparel decorating business, they communicate with customers and determine customer wants and needs.

The students work hard in her class to get the shirts done, “The students have completed a few jobs with less than 48 hours notice. They work well under pressure and they are always asking “what’s next?”.

Students would come in before school and stay after working on shirts and it gets tough. Riley Brelsfoard, a student in the class said, “It was very stressful because we only had 2 presses so we are only able to do a certain number of shirts at a time.”

All the hard work and early hours pay off in the end just ask another student of the class Emma Jackson.” It was very rewarding because of the profit we received and it felt good to know all the hard work got us somewhere.”