Meridian’s new wall


Korey Damery

Korey Damery, Reporter

If you have been in the Great Hall lately at Meridian High School, you have probably noticed the new digital trophy case. But the newest addition to the Great Hall is what is above the trophy case, a wall dedicated to all of the teams that competed and placed at a regional level.

“It started as more of a hall of fame idea we were talking about it and throwing around different ideas and thinking about ways we could make it better,” said Meridian alumni Ian Carnahan. “We threw around the idea of making it a wall dedicated to just alumni but then the idea of making it state competitors that placed started becoming a well-liked idea.”

The idea of including a “hall of fame” may come in the future as part of the digital trophy case.

“It was a two-year process. I wasn’t originally part of the group when the idea first became a thing,” said Meridian senior, Drew Snow. “It took long hard hours to make it a thing. We had to give presentations to the Macon and Blue Mound city council to get it approved before we could even start the process.”

Snow was part of the group who presented to The Village of Blue Mound board.

“The hardest part was finding all of the yearbooks from as far as we could go back and going through all of them then sending them in to be scanned,” said Snow. “We then had to go through all of the scannings page by page to find all the clubs.” To get the money for the project the group got a $3000 grant from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office.

The wall, consisting of the new digital trophy case and all the plaques, was a two-year project.