Bragging rights once again


Sheila Moore

Shyanne Piatt, Reporter

During the week of September 24, the Meridian Hawks celebrated homecoming. Each day of the week had a different theme, and on Friday the students were able to participate in a multitude of games. It’s typical for the seniors to have all the pressure to win.

Seniors rightfully won this year, coming in first place in the competition. The seniors had a rough start, losing to the freshmen in volleyball. Katie Adams said, “I’m very upset because our senior student section wasn’t pumped up enough.”

They then hit another rough patch when they lost against the juniors in the third volleyball match. The float contest was also won by the juniors.

The senior boys ended up winning the balloon pop, but the girls fell short to the underclassmen.

The juniors won the dizzy bat contest where Mr. Cloe said, “Somebody’s going down,” as each student stumbled across the gym floor to win the race.

The seniors won the banner contest, having four years under their belt made it a little easier to gain the royal victory.