Bringing back old memories: Meridian takes possession of old trophies


photo by Tyler Schilz

by Case Jaukkuri and Tyler Schilz

Meridian High School recently made the decision to bring back a couple of old trophies. One of them is the 1971 baseball state runner-up trophy, the other is the 1986 football state runner-up trophy.

Mr. Brue, Meridian’s superintendent, was being asked by board members if they could borrow some old trophies for an alumni banquet. That is when Mr. Brue just decided to try and get them back to display in the school, he is also in the process of getting team pictures as well.

Mr. Brue wants to do more he says, “In addition to displaying two trophies from the Macon High School era, the district is hoping to make contact with the people who are in possession of Blue Mound High School trophies and give them the opportunity to display historically important trophies as well.”

Matt Roush is a board member who was involved in getting the trophies back from P and V, the gas station down the road. He felt more people would be able to respect and enjoy the trophies if they were in the possession of the school.

Roush is trying to find a spot for them at the moment, “We want to find a spot to display trophies from both Macon and Blue Mound’s pasts together, and yes, we were once separate entities, but after 24 years, I think it’s time we come together and be proud of both of our histories and achievements.”