Meridian High School ribbon cutting


Herff Jones

Home of the Hawks! This artwork will serve as the central focal-point on the new wall. The wall artwork was designed by Herff Jones and will serve as a backdrop to the new trophy case. "This is a huge accomplishment by the students at Meridian and just shows that when teenagers work hard, they can accomplish big things," says journalism teacher, Sheila Moore.

Alexis Rosenberger, Reporter

On May 19 at 3pm Meridian High School’s journalism class will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the high school. The event is an opportunity for the class to present their newest addition to the school, a Nanonation digital trophy case.

The digital trophy case is a 55″ touchscreen presented on top of a black kiosk [wide stand] with a hawk decal on the front. Along with the screen and kiosk, the class worked with Jake Romano from Herff Jones to develop the design of the whole wall behind the digital trophy case. Romano and the MHS journalism class planned out the wall with a centerpiece of the Meridian Hawks emblem and wording. Positioned around the central decal will be glass plaques recognizing  Meridian teams who have received regional, sectional, and state accomplishments.

Connor Hurelbrink, the executive producer of District 15 News, says, “with all of this, we are trying to increase our school spirit and show everyone what to be proud of.”

The digital trophy case contains yearbooks from Macon, Blue Mound and Meridian, clubs, athletics, academics, the school and D15 News websites, and donor information.

Some aspects this two-year project consisted of was the class choosing a company to work with, managing budgets, presenting to the Village of Blue Mound and the City of Macon, and designing the final product’s display.

Many measures were taken to get the funding for such a project. Drew Snow, part of the District 15 News staff, applied and also received a grant from the Macon County Sheriffs Department, which was put towards the digital trophy case’s cost. Another D15 News staff member, Cameron Getz states, “we presented our plan to [the City of] Macon and [the Village of] Blue mound and they both helped pay for a big portion of it.”

In doing such presentations, this resulted in the trophy case having 4 donors: Village of Blue Mound, City of Macon, Macon County Sheriffs Department and District 15 News.